FSi/CU Men’s Soccer Mission trip to Honduras News and Important Information



All players planning to attend this trip, please fill out accurately the form at the following link.

Click here for the form. 

Trip Timeline: LeaveSat Dec. 14-21 or 22

More detailed info below


Where are we going?

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Who is Friendship Sports: Check out the other pages of our website to learn more.

Ministries in Honduras:

Click Here to learn about “Point Ministries”

Point Ministries Video

Camp Monte De Santidad- La Venta village - outside Tugucigalpa


Where we will stay - Humuya Inn: CLICK HERE for FACEBOOK

Online Donations to CU Men’s Soccer Trip


Click Here for the submitting online donations to support this trip. 

Go Trip Response Cards

These are the cards that are to be filled out and sent in with each check. Print of as many as you need. 

Click Here

Link to Sample Fundraising Letter

This letter is only a sample or a guide for you. feel free to make a copy of this sample letter for your own use in your own words to help you as you work to raise support.

Click Here

 Medical Release Form

Please download and fill this out before leaving campus. if you are an incoming freshman this form is to be filled out and kept with Matt at all times during the trip. It can be brought with you when you come to campus on in August or you can email it to Matt at any time. 

Click Here

Passport Info Form

Once you have your passport, click before and provide us with your passport information needed to purchase plane tickets. This needs to be done and filled out accurately by July 1.

Click Here

Filling out CUSTOM Forms /Honduras Airport Procedure (Coming)


Trip Packing List (coming)

Contingency Plan/Safety Document for Trip (coming)