Become a Part of What's Happening

Having the opportunity to see what God is doing in Honduras is an eye-opening experience. Over the years, hundreds of people have been blessed by the love and joy of the people there. If you have a heart for missions work and desire a hands-on approach to expanding His kingdom, then this just might be for you!

Plan a Team
Please contact Jim for help in putting a team together from your church, school, youth group, athletic team, or family. Contact Matt if interested in a team to Detroit, Haiti, or Guatemala.

Join a Team
If you would like to travel with a scheduled or future FSI team, just for the experience of international missions, contact Jim or Matt via phone or email.

Invite Jim or Matt to Come Speak
Let Jim or Matt know of your upcoming need for a speaker, maybe for a home group, camp, church missions conference, or athletic banquet.

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Help financially

We believe that God has called us to train and disciple, not just give our money. The local people whom we have cultivated deep relationships with have a passion for hard work and following God's plan for their lives; however, they lack funds for building materials, teaching supplies, and even food to put on the table. Our goal is to assist the Honduran people with the projects that they take action on, rather than doing all of the work for them. The best way we've found to do so is through the use of "Honduras Shares."

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