FSI Haiti Trip Fall 2019

For those planning to attend this trip, pleas fill out the link at the following form: Click Here

Once I have a good # of contacts from the group, I will start sending out info on cost, flights, fundraising etc. I would like to get the contacts of all those interested by July 29.

We will have meeting in early August to begin focused preparations. Please fill out the link above if you are interested in this trip.

Trip Info Basics:

When: October 23-29

Where: Cyvadier/Jacmel Haiti - Damou Christian Mission (School/Medical Clinic)

We will serve the Damou Mission in a variety of ways at the clinic, school, church and mission center.

Approximate Cost $1500 (high end estimate) - All inclusive + airfare (exact cost will be determined at the time of airfare purchase.

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