About Greg and Bonnie Brooks:


Hello Friends sorry the emails were a bit crazy yesterday. Well we will no longer go through gmail. Hopefully this is a better option and hey, you can unsubscribe if you want out! How about that!

We have officially made it to Frisco, Texas. Ya'll...it's HOT!!! Greg doesn't begin classes and ministry until this Monday, so for now we are settling into the new apartment and new city. The local Watermark staff have been incredibly kind and welcoming! We look forward to spending the next 10 months with them.

If you did not go and check out the Watermark Fellowship Program we'd highly encourage you to do so. Just click this link: 

Also, we highly recommend listening to this podcast which dives into the heart of the Institute from the perspective of Todd Wagoner (lead pastor) and Blake Holmes (Institute Director): 

We believe that if you check out these resources you'll be excited along with us. It's an incredible opportunity that will serve us well as we seek to serve Jesus in Cody.

Now for an update on the "Church Plant". Ready for another resource? Sweet! Watch the video. Seriously...it's like a few minutes that you would have spent on instagram anyways :) 

Thanks for committing to love and support us, friends. Your love is being felt by all of us and the Watermark staff are blown away by how loved and supported we are by people like you.

For those of you who have asked about supporting us financially. We are excited to announce our partnership with Friendship Sports International. It is an incredible ministry lead by our dear friend Jim King. Please check it out at 
www.frienshipsports.net. Don't ignore this link, check it out and get excited.

Friendship Sports International is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All gifts or donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by the law. If you give online at 
www.friendshipsports.net, go to donations page and "King" donations.  In this memo area you can put Greg and Bonnie Brooks.

FSI will send you a receipt showing your tax-deductible gift amount.  You can continue to follow Greg and Bonnie throughout their 10 months in Dallas on our website and through the monthly emails.

Look, God is our provider and we are relying on him. Please, please, don't feel any pressure to support us financially if God is not leading you to do so. God is going to meet our every need whether you support us or not. Some have felt lead which first, blows us away, and second, is the reason we chose to come under the umbrella and accountability of FSI. We have three Christian accountants overseeing our budget! But, what we need most, what we want most, is you daily lifting us up before God. That is worth more than gold!

Friends, we love you. You are a huge group of people and every one of you is so important to us! To God be all the glory and honor and praise! Amen!