Senior Board


Jim King

Director and Board Chairman

Jim and Jenny King joined FSI staff in Upland, Indiana in 1993. Jim has personally put together and led over 100 international teams, primarily to Honduras, Central America. Jim and Jenny have led and taught home groups for over twenty years. They have four children and seven grandchildren. Aside from Jim leading FSI, Jenny has received her Aromatherapy degree, and Jim is a strong advocate of financial stewardship. They currently reside in Cody, Wyoming.


Scott Crook


Scott is a Financial Coach for the Infinite Banking Concept and agent for Living Wealth. His wife, Mimi, worked with FSI for many years while they lived in Honduras. She currently runs the Humuya Inn, a boutique hotel in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Scott and Mimi have three children, and they reside in Cave Creek, Arizona.


Kent cocking


Kent is a school counselor in Central Indiana. His wife, Samantha, is an elementary school teacher. They have two grown children and one grandchild.  Kent and Sam reside in Upland, Indiana.


Leonard fisher

Vice President

Leonard is the owner of a CPA firm in Central Indiana. His wife, Beth, is a financial aid representative for Taylor University. Leonard and Beth have two married children. They reside in Upland, Indiana.


Steve Katz


Steve is a Nurse Anesthesiologist. His wife, Bonnie, serves on a hospital Board, and is an active teacher and trainer of women's care. They have six children. Steve and Bonnie reside in Powell, Wyoming.

Matt Wallace - Board Member/Ministry Leader

FSI Michigan

Matt and Alissa run the FSI Ministry in Michigan. They have four children Matt was on one of first FSI trips from Taylor University. Matt also works at Cornerstone University and Alissa is a Physical Therapist in the local schools.

Jacob Fisher

Board Member

Jacob is a Financial Planner and lives in Lakeland, Florida. His fiancee, Jess, is a prosecutor for the state of Florida and they're planning a wedding in April, 2019. Jacob has been to Honduras numerous times and is excited about the opportunity to take Jess there sometime."

New Board Members in 2019 Not Yet Pictured: Sarah Carpenter, Emily Meyer, Caleb Hemmick


Junior advisory Board


Josiah and Dakota King

Media Directors

Josiah and Dakota currently reside in Chewelah, Washington. Dakota is a professional wedding photographer and Josiah is a welder. They are working to grow the online and media portion of Friendship Sports. Josiah grew up visiting Honduras with his dad, Jim, and has a passion for the people and vision of FSI.