May 30, 2018

It’s now 4:15pm and I am in my office in Cody, Wyoming trying to finish up weeks of work before leaving on another trip to Honduras with a team of 19 people.  This is normal to be busting it non-stop before leaving on a trip, trying to see everyone and speak to everyone and finish up as many current bills, travel schedules, and meetings as possible before getting on another airplane.

Somehow it always works out.  Once I step on the airplane things begin to slow down, focus returns, and it boils down to simple ministry.  Loving people. Serving. Letting Jesus speak to all of us while in the unique setting of a third world village.  

It must be worth all the effort.  I keep doing this, keep traveling and recruiting and asking people to go.  It really does have an impact on the lives of people. People get moved by the setting, all the poverty yet happy people.  A different culture to move us, to rock our foundation.

This trip will mainly consist of cement.  As we have done for years, we purchase hundreds of cement bags, trucks of sand and gravel and big stones, and then mix up wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of cement on the ground.  Literally thousands of yards of cement over the years. Slowly buildings take shape, people fill the buildings, and Jesus brings His people. There is nothing like seeing the people growing and alive.

I will be sending regular pictures and updates throughout the trip.  Please follow our blog and website, and pray for our team while we are in Honduras.  Also pray for the three different cement projects we will be working on, Euphemio and Nohemy’s floors and sidewalks, the Santidad church Phase II, and the new footers and columns at Pastor Osman and Suyapa’s house.

No experience necessary, just a willingness to serve.

Jim King

FSI Director and Board Chairman