Suyapa medical situation

Dear Friends and supporters,

I had been working on a Newsletter to share with you about all of our summer teams to Honduras and Haiti, but an email to me this morning from Suyapa changed my direction.  I want to share with you the highlights from her email (her English is a bit hard to follow and understand).

“Dear FSI Board, and all donors who support our La Ventaministry (called Honduras Shares),

We would like to thank you for the last nine years that you have been helping support us with your prayers and finances, for our ministry and through my cancer treatments.  God has been very faithful and we know that He is my healer.

I recently went to my Oncologist.  Thanks be to a God that my mammography and ultrasounds went well.  However, the doctor checked my Thyroid again because the last time (in January) two small nodules had appeared.  They are now ‘palpable’ and I need another thyroid ultrasound.  After the ultrasound I will see the doctor again December 11.

For two months my body has felt out of balance.  A different doctor ordered my brain to be ‘oxygenated’ and I had to take different medicines.  None of it has worked, so I am scheduled for a brain scan on September 10.  I also have been referred to a dermatologist as something new has appeared on my face and it needs to be checked.

We send this report to let you know to continue praying for us, and for God’s provision for all of these tests and follow-up treatments.  We know God will provide the money for all of these expenses.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.  Thank you again for all of your prayers and support, for us, and the ministry, and the villages around us.  May God continue guiding, blessing, and showing His love and provision and mercy to all of you and all of the USA nation.

In His service,  Osman and Suyapa”

Friends, I want to take immediate action.  Osman and Suyapa do not have any saved funds to help with medical testing.  They live by faith in ways that I simply cannot understand.  We must do what we can to help Suyapa get the help necessary.

There are so many needs!  It seems like all I do is try to raise money for the next thing, the next person or project.  I’m sorry if it comes across like that.  It is hard for me to put into words what is happening in Honduras with this small people group.  People are getting saved, and healed, and mighty things are happening.  There is so much more to do!  It would be easier to just turn the other way and do nothing, to act like it doesn’t exist.  But it does exist, and the people are real, and the families hurt and need food and clothing, medicine and someone to help.

By the time you receive this letter Suyapa will be starting tests.  Would you please consider sending in a offering to help cover these expenses?  Based on previous medical bills from her cancer treatment years ago, I would guess these will run into the thousands of dollars.  Please give what you can.  Listen to what the Spirit is telling you to do.

You can go online to give at  Just put Suyapa’s medical bills in the memo.  You can also send a check to FSI and mail it to:


1205 Blue Water Court

Cody, WY  82414

(Put Suyapa medical on a separate piece of paper when you put the gift in an envelope)

I will keep everyone posted as I hear anything.  Thank you for considering a gift, and for your prayers.

Jim King