Attempting to live in the Foolishness of God

We live in very polarizing times. All you have to do is just read or watch a little bit of news or follow social media and you see it. The other day, I purposely kept flipping between a couple networks airing the same issue on tv but you almost wouldn’t know it. Their focus, stance, etc. were so vastly different from one another. We have focused a lot here on campus the past month on the topic of diversity and it has stirred all kinds of emotions.  We are polarized on a lot of things, politics, social issues, race, and history just to name a few. There are so many opinions flying around and so many attempts at answers by so-called wise experts, and a lot of anger and blame thrown around as well. Many are focused on the symptoms, the outward issues and do not address the root of the problem, sin.

This past weekend we took some college students to Mack Avenue Community Church and Development in Detroit. We were there to serve but also to learn, absorb and take back and that we did!  This is a community that was almost totally destroyed by the division of racism, poverty and hate over the past several decades, and the devastation is clearly seen in neighborhoods and buildings all around. As we toured the 41824, those in the group were clearly shocked and moved at what we saw. What is amazing however is how things are changing because of the spirit of people in Mack Ave Community Church and Development. When you meet those like Charles and Ashley, just to name two, you don’t see division, you see the spirit of unity. Make no mistake, this community is diverse. There are those struggling in poverty and those who are not. There are different races and cultural backgrounds, but there is a real culture of unity rising out of the MACC culture. Its authentic! It is genuine! It is contagious and it's clearly rooted in Jesus. As you learn about the community deep down, you see that at their core, the Gospel shines out in the way they treat each other, in the way that they treat everyone in the 41824 through their ministry.  


The Commons

Coffee Shop/Laundry Mat and gathering place on Mack Ave Detroit Michigan

When Jesus was on the earth, believe it or not, He chose quite a diverse group to invest in, live with and do ministry. At first glance you don’t see it because they are all Israeli people, however if you go deeper into who they are you see clearly.  In His core group you  will find a right winged zealot who comes from a group wanting to overthrow Rome, a tax collector seen by most as a leftist jewish sellout, and a handful of galilean fisherman, among others, who have some diversity in faith, education and even one who was all about the money. And that doesn’t count the men and women who were on the fringe of this core group working, supporting and learning right alongside them.  Not only did He bring these guys together, but sent them off together as well to change the world around them and the whole world forever. He chose a group that could only find unity if He was at the center of their movement, if His voice was louder than theirs, if His ways were the ways they were all trusting in and conforming to, not the ways of man. Then and only then, could unity be found!  He showed them the true enemy, sin, which separates us from God, and He literally lived out through His death and resurrection the answer of how to be what the book of Romans calls “an overcomer”. And even when He ascended to heaven He wasn’t gone, but He empowered them by the Holy Spirit He sent to dwell in them so they could march on, and that same spirit is available to us!


In the ministry at Detroit,  they are a month away from the opening of the “The Commons” on Mack Avenue: a coffee shop/laundromat. A outdoor community is also planned with seating, gardening and a stage. A safe place. A common ground.  A place to find community. A place to build relationships. A place to see Jesus with skin through those who will be serving in ministry there.  While some may see it as a foolish attempt in neighborhood God sees it as a place that has the potential to flip that community upside down.


IMG_6760 2.JPG

Laundry Mat inside The Commons

When the commons was being developed and the community was engaged on what are the needs a the top of the list was a laundry mat. 

How do we deal with such polorazing times? Yes, I am interested in politics. Yes, I have opinions,  and yes, I care about the social issues, yet at the root  we must recognize the sin problem and then recognize the solutions are not from the wise of this world. Seeking a greater wisdom many deem foolish. 1 Corinthians 1:24-27 says “ but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” We need more of Him and less of us. Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”


We will continue monthly to journey to Detroit with students and allow God to show His strength through our weakness!. Our calling through FSI is two fold: to disciple those that we are leading into Detroit.To help them to learn we are all missionaries each and every day and allow these trips to stoke a passion in them to serve God. To help them find God's dream, not their own. To help them sift through the noise of the culture of today and clearly hear the word of God. We also want to  make a positive impact for Christ in the places we travel to. We ask God to take us in our weakness and foolishness and show Himself through us!


MACC Sports 

Winter Basketball League


How can you help?


  • Next trip to Detroit is the weekend of March 17.

  • Pray for us as we grow our discipleship group here in Grand Rapids.

  • Pray for the Mack Ave community as they prepare to open The Commons and for their daily missional living in their community.

  • Join us in a future trip to Detroit or beyond.

  • Financially support our ministry through FSI as we use that money for ministry with our students.


Attempting to live in the foolishness of God,


The Wallace’s


No audition needed to serve God...

A tv show Alissa and I like to watch from time to time is The Voice. Alissa likes to follow the artists through the entire show, but for me I really only like the first round when the singer is attempting to get the judges (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and other famous singers) to push their buttons during a blind audition. If you have never seen it, an amatuer is on stage singing while four judges, with their backs turned, listen in. If they like them and think they can develop them towards greatness they will push a button, causing their chair to spin and light up letting the singer know they are wanted. For some, a chair never turns. For others, it's all four. Sometimes it’s just one. It's quite the cat and mouse game for the judges. They often then begin immediately arguing on who the singer should pick, who turned their chair first, which judge would be the best coach, etc! But, it is hard to watch when no chair turns. No sounds, no lights, just the resounding silence of “you’re not good enough” or “you are not chosen”.

Working on a college campus can feel similar. I see college students so trying to win the approval of their professors, parents, their peers, even God. We often place people on  these chairs in our minds hoping for someone to turn around and say “yes, you will make it, you will be a great teacher someday”. “Yes, you will be a great nurse, or social worker, or friend or athlete”, or “yes, I want to date you”. The truth is, insecurity haunts us all from time to time and we seek the approval of others to try and pull us out of it. Another truth is that the one whose vote counts the most has already turned His chair, long ago and we often don’t see it. I am no different. Being new here, at times I struggle to want my co-workers, family, and students to turn their chair and hit the buzzer when I think they should about me. Don’t we all?

Jeremiah the prophet was a young man chosen by God and was equipped to deal with the biggest of challenges. If you think the politics and culture of our day is crazy, read the book of Jeremiah! During some of the darkest times of Israel's existence, Jeremiah was called by God to preach the message of repentance to the nation. Unfortunately, few to none listened and he spent most of his life alone, in isolation and persecution. It is what many might see as a real waste of time and talent.

In the book of Jeremiah chapter 1 we read that God tells Jeremiah he was chosen even before he was ever conceived. Jeremiah felt inadequate but he is again reminded by the Lord that He would be with him through trials...  What does this tell us? Jeremiah did nothing for God's approval. The Lord turned His chair and hit His buzzer long before Jeremiah’s audition of life. While Jeremiah faced great rejection by those around him, he would never feel rejected by God!

This past weekend we had the chance to see a few modern day Jeremiah’s! People like Leon, Ezekiel, Eric and Sara (just to name a few) who are leaders at Mack Avenue Community Church and Mission in Detroit, Michigan. This ministry is not easy! They don’t have luxuries most American churches have. They live in a culture struggling for unity, struggling for hope and identity, yet they march on each day to the approval God and His calling on their lives. We saw the fruits of what God is doing there in just a short time. God is working in their community with the Gospel through sports, jobs, tutoring, legal help and a relational, authentic church. Fruits that come from those who seek the approval of God, not man!

In his book, “Crash the Chatterbox”, Steven Furtick says “...before you ever breathed a breath, before you even had the opportunity to show off or screw up, God declared,

I want you!

You’re Mine!

I’ve chosen you!

You belong to Me!.

You no longer have to live up to anything. Instead, you are now empowered to live out of an awareness of divine acceptance.”

I believe God wants this for all of us! We believe God has brought our family here to Grand Rapids to help disciple more Jeremiah’s through missions. This generation of millennials have so much to offer! I see so many potential Jeremiah's. So many Eric and Sara’s. When I look at my boys at home,  I see the same.  Through our ministry I hope and pray God will use us to speak life into those in our path.  We pray we too will have the faith of Jeremiah to trust God to use us here His way. As we continue to develop ministry here and put together future mission trips to Detroit and beyond we pray for the Jeremiah’s we will be working with. We pray He will use us as a vessel so they see God's approval on their lives and we help empower them towards an eternal purpose.


In His service,


The Wallace family


FSI happenings and prayer needs here in Michigan:


  • We are extremely thankful for those who have partnered with us so far financially. We have a ways to go to reach our goal but we are off to a good start.

  • Upcoming meetings with Mack Avenue Community Church leadership for needs and possible upcoming spring trips to Detroit are in the works.

  • Meetings with Baseball and Womens Soccer in the new year for potential overseas trips in the 2018-19 school year.

  • Prayer for possible mission trips with NorthPointe Christian School.

  • Matt is meeting with a group of students soon to begin a Bible study.

  • JIm and Jenny King will be coming in April, we pray for opportunities to develop deeper partnerships while they visit.

  • Matt will be going with Jim to Honduras to help lead a trip and learn about leading future sports trips there.


Again our goal is to disciple college students and help them find their role in the church. This generation of believers are tomorrow's church leaders and they are faced with a crazy world to steer through.  Students at a Christian college often come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are very open to spiritual growth. We desire to build relationships with students, and mentor and lead as we strive to challenge them to develop a Scripture based Christian worldview and a heart for missions.

A Time to Treasure

Often the call of God can be uncomfortable, challenging and hectic at times. Our family has been through a lot of changes in the past 8 weeks as we seek to follow God and where He is leading us. Adjusting to new jobs, a new home, the boys a new school, and all that comes with moving to a new state can at times have your head spinning a bit. We have had lot of work to do on our house. Visiting a new church, and developing relationships in a place where no one really knows us is also a challenge we are not used to. It reminds me of Luke chapter 2 and the journey of Mary and Joseph-- and while our journey to Michigan is no comparison to theirs, the story has had some new meaning to us this season. I am sure during Mary and Joseph's calling, some didn’t understand, even scratched their head. There definitely were moments of questioning, moments of inadequacy, and just simply moments where they were not sure where to go or what to do next. Those things I get. What I don’t relate to is a virgin birth, a visit from angels, dealing with a first century census challenge, the journey on a donkey and settling in for the birth of the Messiah in a barn/cave because no one had room for them to bring the Him into the world. Not to mention a visit from several complete strangers and a host of angels all underneath a blazing star once he was born (WOW!). The responsibility of caring for and raising the Messiah of the world had to be overwhelming, but with all of that we see Mary had peace.  

There are two verses that really strike me from Luke's account of the birth of the Messiah in chapter 2. Verse 19 says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” She did what? Later in the chapter after they had moved away to Egypt to escape the wrath of a jealous human king, and then went back to Jerusalem for the holidays, in the crowds of people they couldn’t find Jesus. While He was at the temple talking with leaders and priests they were searching frantically. After all that, again verse 51b says, “But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.”

Wow! How in the chaos, pressure and change was she able to find time to ponder, to treasure. But isn't that an important part of walking with God? Reflecting and treasuring our chance to be in a relationship with Him is vital!  John 1:14 reminds us that “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” He is with us in all of our chaos, whether self inflicted or simply on the path of our journey. And no matter how busy, or how challenging things get, we all must find time to stop and ponder/treasure the blessings He gives. During this time of year many feel lonely, stressed and may even feel like they can’t find Jesus. But remember what  He shared with His parents, “why are you searching, don’t you know I must be in my Father's house?”  In the Scriptures He reminds us often He is with His Father on our behalf, providing grace and truth for us through His spirit. As I ponder this season, our family has so many things to treasure and be thankful for, from friends and family back in Indiana to all the new blessings happening here in Michigan! We look forward to a new year, and a chance to journey with the “God of peace” and see what He has in store. The opportunity for ministry before us is tremendous!  It's my prayer that we will take time to treasure each other, all He is and all He is doing.


In His service,


The Wallace family


FSI Happenings, Goals and Prayer needs here in Michigan:


  • We are extremely thankful for those who have partnered with us so far financially. We have a ways to go to reach our goal but we are off to a good start.

  • We have made good connections here in Grand Rapids for future ministry opportunities with students!

  • Connecting with Mack Avenue Mission in Detroit to discuss trips with Cornerstone students in the spring.

  • Meetings with Baseball and Womens Soccer in the new year for potential overseas trips in the 2018-19 school year.

  • Matt is meeting with a group of students in January to begin a Bible Study.


Again our goal is to disciple college students and help them find their role in the church. This generation of believers are tomorrow's church leaders and they are faced with a crazy world to steer through.  Students at a Christian college often come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are very open to spiritual growth. We desire to build relationships with students, and mentor and lead as we strive to challenge them to develop a Scripture based Christian worldview and a heart for missions.