Our Purpose

As stated in its Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of FSI is to "train, disciple, and promote the Christian way of life, through athletics and other effective evangelism and discipleship, across the USA and worldwide." The main emphasis of this ministry is to send athletic teams to countries who, through the help of local missionaries and churches, have been invited to participate in athletic events and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the local people.

Making an Impact

Jesus calls His followers to cultivate relationships and give to those in need. FSI is committed to spreading the Gospel to the people of Central America. With more than 100 teams to Honduras during the last 30 years, many lives have been changed by the grace of God. 

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Building relationships

By focusing on one nation, Honduras, FSI has built long-term relationships with local church leaders, schools, and sports federation leaders. Relationships are fundamental to FSI in establishing a lasting connection with those who God has called us to witness to.

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