September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017


Dear Family and Friends,


I hope you have had a great summer.  I can’t believe that it is already the middle of September!  I am writing this morning from our camper just outside of Cody looking up at the fresh snow on the mountains just up the hill from us.

I wanted to get everyone a quick highlight of our summer, plus what is happening now both in our world and with our ministry in Honduras and elsewhere.

We were able to take two teams to Honduras this summer, one in June and one in late July.  The first team was made up of “veteran” FSI alumni from Indiana and Wyoming.  Our youngest daughter Katie, and one of her close friends from Wyoming, Katie Brown, stayed in Honduras with Pastor Osman and Suyapa after the first team left for home.  A month later was the second team, made up of youth from Washington and Wyoming, and me and Jenny.  Both teams assisted the La Venta church in working on the physical building, and also some painting in Osman and Suyapa’s home.

Some of you help support the ministry of Osman and Suyapa in La Venta through our Honduras Shares program.  I wanted to update you on this program and how Osman and Suyapa are doing.  First, FSI has agreed to send Osman and Suyapa $500 per month because the church is unable to financially support them with the necessary funds to live.  So we introduced Honduras Shares two years ago, which is supporting them at one share for $20 per month.  This program has fulfilled our obligation each month since we started, although we could still take on more monthly donors.  We would also like to help them with special needs, such as medical or travel needs.

Osman and Suyapa have developed an incredible amount of activities within the church.  If a person wants to be active most of the nights of the week, their church would be perfect for you.  Osman is also in year 3 of training with Samaritans Purse and has become an area leader.  His area is north of the capital city and encompasses perhaps 100 square miles.  He will take on meeting with other pastors and churches in many different villages as an entrance into the evangelistic outreach associated with the Christmas Shoe Box ministry.  In association with this is an additional partnership that Suyapa is also very involved with and that is with Feed The Children.  Each month this organization distributes primarily food, but also clothes and medicine, and it is given to church leaders who have villages to distribute the food.  Osman and Suyapa are now associated with eight villages that will be distribution areas for this food, and also places that will grow the shoe box outreach.  Now you know why the Honduras Shares giving program is so critical for Osman and Suyapa, and why we would like to increase the monthly giving.

Another Honduras need that many of you will find personal is with Euphemio and Nohemy, our long time friends that helped as caretakers of Camp Monte de Santidad.  After fulfilling this job for the last 25 years, they were “let go” by the church and are now out of work.  Euphemio has been trying to find work, build a very modest adobe block home, all while living in about an 8x8 shack.  I would like to put together two teams in 2018 to finish his home.  The cost will be about $5000 for cement, metal trusses, and a metal roof, electricity, and plumbing.  Will you consider going on one of these two teams, or donating towards the costs of this project.  These are some of the dearest people you could ever meet.

The next couple of months will also see some new things happening with FSI here in the states.  I am currently setting the schedule on four teams to Honduras in 2018, and that does not include the two to help with the building of Euphemio’s house.  Our annual Board meeting is in early November when we discuss the upcoming teams and travel.  Please pray for us as we meet.

Perhaps the biggest new thing for FSI is the addition of a new staff couple, Matt and Alissa Wallace.  Jenny and I enjoyed a few years with them early in our ministry when they were in our home Bible studies at Taylor University in Indiana.  Matt traveled with us to Honduras on the first team that I led in 1994, and as he put it, that tour changed his world view and future.  Matt and Alissa have served in their local church in various roles since graduation, and have done international missions to Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.  Matt and Alissa will be moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan to begin work with Cornerstone University, developing FSI ministry with students there.  I will keep you posted on this new work in the months ahead, but just know that we are so excited to have Matt and Alissa as staff, partners, and friends in this ministry.  Please pray for my travel to Michigan and Indiana in mid October to meet with Cornerstone staff.

Friends, we continue to work at this ministry with our heart and soul.  We love how God continues to put us in the lives of people in need of the touch of Jesus.  We are so thankful for our support team, an amazing group of friends and alumni that have made this ministry possible for so many years.  Our work is not finished.  Let’s stay strong and committed to the ways of the Lord in these days.

If you would like to support the Honduras Shares ministry, or with a gift or desire to travel to help build Euphemio and Nohemy’s house, or support the monthly financial needs of me and Jenny, please indicate that on a note and place the note and check in the return envelope.  You can also go online at and send a donation or note.  For email support team, donations can be mailed to:  Friendship Sports International  

                   1205 Blue Water Court

                   Cody, WY  82414

Thank you in advance for helping us advance the great commission of our Lord and Savior.


Jim and Jenny King


February Newsletter

Dear FSI support team,

I am excited to be sharing this update via email and blog this month.  If you wish to receive this by email in future months, please request so by visiting the "Contact" page. We are currently transitioning to a paperless update system. Thanks!

Let me introduce you to our new website that my son Josiah, and his wife, Dakota, have been working on for the last couple of months.  By browsing this site, you can see some of our history, teams, upcoming events, leadership team, etc.  It is a work in progress so do not expect a finished product for awhile, but I want to begin running our updates, blogs, current events, etc. through this website.  Please drop me a note and let me know what you think, and how to make it better by visiting the "Contact" page.

I just arrived home from a week in Honduras where I was involved in many things.  Pastor Osman and Suyapa had me busy speaking in the village where I shared with over 100 special force cadets at the local military base, then spoke at a ladies conference (Jenny was suppose to do this but was unable to travel due to passport issues, so I filled in), led a marriage seminar, met with the La Venta church leadership team, and preached…all within 36 hours! 

There were several highlights to this trip.  First, Josiah and Dakota were able to join me to concentrate on taking pictures (Dakota is a professional photographer) and videos for this website.  It was so good to spend that time with them and to see God using the gifts and talents that He has given them.  Second, to have my close friend, business partner, and FSI board member Scott Crook along.  He was so valuable to the whole week, bringing his unique Honduras insight and fluent Spanish to our meetings.  Third, to be able to experience once again Camp Monte de Santidad, and to do some filming and video there.

There are four specific areas I want to mention to you for your prayerful consideration.

1.       Euphemio and Nohemy, our long-time partners at Camp Monte, are building a small adobe home near the camp.  He asked me on this recent trip if we could help him with this project.  Many of you know Euphemio and Nohemy from our years of building Camp Monte (1996-2005).  I am beginning to raise funds to assist them in this project.  This summer we will split teams between building in the La Venta church and helping on Euphemio and Nohemy’s house.  I would like to raise $3000 for this project.

2.      The La Venta church project will also continue this summer.  FSI has stated to the church that our partnership will continue through completion of the existing buildings first, and then we can look at future projects.  Needed funds to assist with building materials this summer is $3000.

(Note…we have received in a $5000 matching gift towards our Honduras Shares program for 2017!  Any gift designated to Euphemio and Nohemy house project, or La Venta church project, will go towards this matching gift.)

3.       Jenny and I have had several donors have had to cut back or eliminate our support.  We are down about $1000 per month in the last year.  God always takes care of our needs!  If you have an interest in supporting our work with Friendship Sports, we would be so blessed by that.  Thanks for praying about at, and for us!

4.      The Hadassah women’s ministry that our daughters Sarah Carpenter and Emily Meyer have been leading the last three years, is also looking for financial sponsors of $20 per month.  It is called Hadassah Shares, and it will help funds scholarships and travel for their women’s conferences that they put together each year.  This ministry is unique as it partners women as they go through life and put Jesus at the center.

If you feel that God is leading you to give financially to one of these needed support areas, please go to our "Donations" page.

As is the case with all donations to FSI, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt your gift.  If you would, please put on the memo the area you want your gift to go to.  Thank you so much in advance for your prayers and support.

Many blessings to you all!  Have a great month.


Jim King

Director – Friendship Sports International